After being approved, an ESTA Visa exires after 2 years. The Section 217 (a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides that during this period you can enter and leave the country several times for a maximum of 90 days. Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Bermudas are not considered as departure countries. You can check the validity of your electronic travel authorization with the application number and your passport data. Note: If you enter and leave the country at unnatural intervals, you may be refused entry despite an approved travel authorisation.

How much does the application cost?

The electronic authorisation costs 14 US Dollars, 10 USD of which are US government fees and 4 USD credit card fees. The $14 includes the US Customs Border Control and administration fees. If you submit your application form on our service portal, our service with all fees will cost a total of 32,40 GBP.

Is the online Application free of charge?

Since 2011 the ESTA application is no longer free of charge. Most of the revenue from the electronic entry procedure is channelled into tourism advertising in the USA.

Do I need an electronic visa for transit?

An electronic travel authorization is also urgently required for transit. Even if you only stop over. Since American airports do not have security areas comparable to those in Europe.

Already applied, where can I see my status?

If you would like to check if an old ESTA authorisation is still valid, or if the status of your current registration is still valid, you can easily check with your passport data the status of your application on our website.

Can I update my ESTA-Registration?

There are some data that can be updated / changed later. Which data you will find in the following part.

What can you update in your ESTA Visa and what you do not need to change

  • email address
  • Address in the USA (optional)

You can and do not have to update your US contact person, on your way to the USA another form will be filled in (on the plane, ship or at the border), in which you can enter the new data. Changes of the home address or the employer do not have to be changed either, these can also be updated on entry. If the applicant has entered the passport number, family name, first name, birth date incorrectly, the applicant has to reapply for a new application.

Which (personal) changes require a new ESTA application

If one of the following events should occur after the positive request, a new application must be made as a traveller.

  • You applied for a new passport because you have changed your last name due to marriage
  • The passport has expired in the meantime
  • You have now committed a documented crime
  • Your passport was lost or stolen
  • The citizenship has changed or you have an additional citizenship
  • Your gender has changed
  • You have to answer YES to one of the additional questions in the request form

Your ESTA Application was rejected, what you have to do now

The Homeland Security (DHS) does not allow the entry with a denied electronic visa. Even if you own an approved travel authorisation the Border Protection Officer can decide if you are allowed to enter the United States or not. Normal errors that can occur are usually intercepted by our employees in advance. But even if apparently everything is correct and there is no apparent reason for a rejection, it may well happen that an ESTA application is rejected. If you answer one of the ESTA eligibility questions with yes, the application will be rejected. We are there to help you with words and deeds. For further information you can find our contact details on our ESTA website. Sometimes the contact with the CBP or a personal appointment at the US Embassy is also helpful.